For you and your self-confidence! Uneven teeth are not only an esthetic problem. They can distort the strength and function of your teeth. Our studio works exclusively with Damon - system (www.damonbraces.org). This is a system that treats with a very light, weak forces and the results are impressive! You get the broad "Hollywood" smile with very little discomfort, in relatively shorter period of treatment and with minimal need for extraction of teeth. If you want your treatment to proceed even more rapidly and to make the brackets ​​specifically for you, you can choose the Insignia method (www.insigniasmile.com). Welcome for a consultation!

Establisher: Dr. Petar Nastev

1973 Specialization - Prosthetic Dentistry and Orthodontics
1971 - 1995 Tutor in the Dental Faculty - Sofia
1991 Private Practice - Establisher of Dental Studio ND
In 1988 he promoted the braces treatment in Bulgaria.
Specialisations, courses and participation in congresses: Germany, Italy, Greece, Turkey. Member of the World Federation of Orthodontists

In 1991 we created Dental Studio ND with a lot of love for our patients. Our goal is to give the highest quality of dental services. The payoff for this work are your beautiful smiles.
This stimulated us to go forward!"

Yours: Dr. Petar Nastev,
Establisher of Dental Studio NDsignature

The Team of Dental Studio ND

Meet the Team

Dr. Galina Nasteva-Dimova

CEO/Founder Orthodont

1993 Specialization - Orthodontics 1991 – Private Practice 1990 – 2001 – Tutor in the Orthodontics Department, Dental Faculty - Sofia Specialisations, courses and participation in congresses: USA, Monaco, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Greece, Turkey. Member of the Bulgarian Orthodontic Society, European Orthodontic Association, American Orthodontic Association and World Federation of OrthodontistsWorld Federation of Orthodontists

Dr. Petar Kalenderski

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Kalenderski is a consultant in Oral Surgery, Implantology and Cosmetic Dentistry in the studio. With his help we offer complete restoration of esthetics and function of your dentition.

Dr. Elena Kanina

Orthodontics and prevention

She graduated in Dentistry in 2012, the Medical University - Sofia and develops her knowledge and skills in the field of orthodontics. Courses and specializations: Germany, Monaco, Spain, France, Bulgaria.

2012-2013 Master Damon Course, Madrid, Spain, Dr. Perera, Dr. Espejo
2013-2014 Lingual Academy, Dr. Scuzzo, Italy