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Dental Studio ND

DENTAL STUDIO ND works with the system DAMON which is approved worldwide. Dr. Galina Dimova is the only Bulgarian certified teacher training in this highly advanced technology in orthodontics. We offer treatments with metal braces DAMON Q and esthetic braces DAMON Clear (with variations only for the front teeth or all upper and lower frontal teeth). Our goal is to shorten the maximum time to achieve your perfect smile. For more precise results and shorter treatment time we offer the individually made brackets and arcs - INSIGNIA.


About Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Sleep apnea is a serious breathing disorder, potentially deadly, that affects 4% of the population. Patients with untreated apnea have increased mortality rates, being four times more likely to suffer accidents at work and when driving. Due to these factors their quality of life is substantially and worryingly reduced.
The device Orthoapnea ® is a patented prosthesis of splint type designed as solution for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea and moderate sleep syndrome and increased resistance of the upper airway (IRSUA) and for patients with severe apnea, who can not tolerate CPAP. It is also effective in the treatment of bruxism and forward jaw, that to some extent limits lateral movements, that appear in this disorder.
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  • Dental Studio ND is the only OrthoApnea Certified Laboratory in Bulgaria.


    Our patients about us...

    "I have always dreamed of a beautiful Smile. The results exceeded my expectations! My complexes disappeared and my self-confidence is higher now! The big change for me began only with my New Smile! And I have it now I wonder how long I have missed it! It is never too late to give yourself a smile! Life is just much better!"

    "It's a difficult task to heal a colleague because each doctor has their own vision for their treatment. I was not wrong when I took the orthodontic treatment DAMON Clear, relying entirely on Dr. Dimova! The result was delightful! A big thank you for the exceptional professionalism of Dental Studio ND!"

    "My orthodontic treatment with Damon braces passed without pain, but with minor inconveniences with eating during the first three months. I accepted the braces as jewelry throughout the whole time of the treatment. I am very pleased with the result, I began to smile wider and with more confidence."

    "After the brackets ... I just cannot stop smiling, it is enough to say that it is difficult to find a serious picture of me and I'm the "always smiling girl"! My smile became my pride and it is a seductive way to make the people around me smile."

    About us

    Dental Studio ND works with Damon-treatment system. We offer treatments with metal braces Damon Q and esthetic braces Damon Clear (with variations only for the front teeth or all upper and lower frontal teeth).

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