The answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

My teeth are crooked and I don’t want to wear visible braces. What are the treatment options?

For patients over 10-12 years of age, the most optimal option is treatment with braces. There are different types and systems of braces. You can choose between metal and aesthetic braces. The aesthetics are the color of the teeth and are almost invisible.

What is the price of the braces?

The orthodontist does not sell braces, but conducts treatment. The cost of this treatment depends on the type of braces, the qualification of the orthodontist and the severity of the problem. So we can talk about the cost of treatment after examination and selection of the most appropriate braces system for the particular case.

Up to what age I should straighten my teeth?

There are no limits. Teeth can stand up at any age.

How long should I wear braces?

In order results to be stable, the treatment lasts about 18 months. There are modern braces systems that allow for shorter periods, but if they promise to trim your teeth in 6 months, do not expect long-term results.

Why do teeth need to be straight?

Straight teeth are not only aesthetics, but also the proper functioning of the chewing apparatus. They are easier to clean, do not retain plaque and are healthier.

My child has been carrying removeable appliances for a long time. Why is it necessary to put braces now?

Treatment with removeable appliances is not always enough. It supports the development of the jaws, prepares them to absorb all the permanent teeth and to avoid extractions in order to find a place for them.

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