For you and your self-confidence! Uneven teeth are not only an esthetic problem. They can distort the strength and function of your teeth. Our studio works exclusively with Damon – system ( This is a system that treats with a very light, weak forces and the results are impressive! You are welcome for a consultation!

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The new aesthetic Damon Clear are already on the market. They combine the health benefits of Damon metal braces and the aesthetics of the sapphire braces.


The new generation DAMON-braces (DAMON Q) are smaller in size, with improved performance. With them the treatment time is shortened by several months.
Damon system exists since 1994. This is the most advanced and the most widespread system of braces in the recent years. Their advantage is that they are acting with very weak biological forces. As a result, the teeth move very quickly, with very little discomfort to the patient. This system allows to avoid the removal of permanent teeth in many cases. The treatment is shorter than the other braces’ systems and visits may be at greater intervals of time. 


The removable appliances are effective in the age from 8 to 11. They can expand the jaws to avoid removal of permanent teeth later in life. There are also Clamshell devices that correct malocclusion. In many cases, the treatment with removable appliances precedes the braces treatment. 


Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure that improves your self-esteem. We work with Philips ZOOM whitening systems. You can get your bright smile in the office with office whitening, or at home with home whitening systems. Our specialists will advise you which option is right for you.

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